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Monday, July 8, 2013

Cotton Booty June Box!

I received my June box a little late, at the beginning of July.  It was a nice Birthday "present" to open though!

Like I stated on my previous review, I paid for the subscription service, and I was not compensated for this review.  However, if you choose to sign up and give my name upon signing up, I may get an extra item in my box, however this hasn't happened yet.

The hint we were given through Facebook was "One fish, Two fish,"  I was excited!  I knew that Bumkins did Dr Seuss items, and already having several bibs from them, I knew I'd like the quality.

So, after receiving my package in the mail, I instantly noticed the change from a box to an envelope mailer.  This is a smart move since it should be cheaper for Cotton Booty to ship, and it doesn't create more boxes at my house.

Note the pink dot on the envelope, this denotes that this package is a girl one.  Great for making ahead of time!

Upon opening, I found a medium wet bag, Stuff-it diaper, and a bottle of Milky.

I'll start off with the biggest item and work my way down this time.  The medium wetbag is something I needed!  With a toddler and infant in diapers, my small wet bags weren't just cutting it when I was going out and about for an extended amount of time.  The bright colors and Dr Seuss theme really appeal to my 2 year old son.  He's learning his colors and animals, so this is fun for him!  It comes with a handle, so if I end up putting a lot of items in it, I can hang it from the stroller instead of trying to stuff it into my diaper bag.  It has a sturdy zipper too! The wetbag retails for $10.95.

Next is the Stuff-it Diaper.  I admit, I was leery of this diaper, which is why it took me over a week to write this review.  Pocket diapers have been a bad experience in the past for me.  I'm pleased to report, this diaper didn't have any of those problems!!  The diaper retails for $15.95, so it is on the lower end of pocket diaper prices too. 

First thing I noticed was the almost satin like quality of the exterior.  The feel of diapers isn't a problem for me, but the difference caught my attention.  The four rise snaps across make any rise settings nice and secure.

Next I noticed the difference in the pocket opening.  It opens and has a flap that seems to hold the inserts in place.

When I pulled out the first insert, I noticed the minky exterior instead of microfleece.  Then I pulled out the bottom insert, to my surprise, it has a PLU backing!  I would have known this had I read the packaging, but I was so excited, I jumped right in.

I double checked that my wash routine was alright for this diaper, and threw it and the wetbag right into my wash for the day.

Once dry, I stuffed the diaper with the PLU backed insert only, and put it on my daughter.  The extra snaps take a little longer to secure, but they hold the diaper in place and prevent wing droop with the two hip snaps.

Bumkins insert front


I was pleased to note that the diaper with one insert does fit nice and trim.  The low rise on it will also fit under clothing nicely!

So now was the time to put it to the test with some tummy time.  The diaper did great!  In the past, pocket diapers leak on me after one pee, compression from sitting just pushes out any wetness.  After 2 hours we didn't have any wetness on the outside!  I was impressed.

If I do have wetness issues with the one insert, I can add the second insert to the diaper easily.  It is super easy to stuff and has a nice wide crotch area so my hand can pull the insert all the way to the front and make sure it sits nice and flat.

The last item in the package was a bottle of Milky!  It is a Herbal Tea Supplement for Lactation Enhancement.  Of course, one bottle isn't going to make a big difference in milk quantity, but I was willing to try it.

I've heard horror stories about the flavor of lactation teas, so I admit, my first sip was a small one.  I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet, strawberry flavor.  I drank the rest of it easily.  at 2.5 ounces, there isn't much to drink either.  The instructions say to drink it twice a day.

Milky is on the higher end of the lactation aid prices, but the pleasant taste and lack of excess calories may appeal to some.  For a 6 day supply, it is $35.88.  I would make sure that you have a true low supply before investing.

All in all, I was pleased with this month's package and cannot wait to see the July box!  The hint for July is Made in the USA, so my personal guess is Best Bottom or Planet Wise.  We will see when it comes!!

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