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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Prefold love!

Prefolds too?

Since I was trying many different types of diaper, I started playing with prefolds and a snappi as well.  I can see why people love the old school diapering as well.  

Once you master a couple of folds, you can even mix and match some of them to create a fit customized to your baby.  I've been using a mix of jelly roll fold and bikini twist under a cover.  This creates a trim diaper, and if I've done the jelly roll portion properly, it keeps the poop off the cover.  

Prefolds are a very economical way to diaper your baby, but you do get what you pay for.  

I was disappointed to find that Gerber prefolds are not 100% cotton.  They have an absorbent "pad" sewn in the middle.  They will work, but aren't as nice as 100% cotton prefolds.  

I have some bamboo prefolds on order, so I'll talk about those later, once I've given them a good try.  

Prefolds can also be used folded into a pad and stuffed in a pocket diaper, as a burp rag, to mop up spills, and for a myriad of other uses.  The better ones come sized, so shop around if you need to.  They also hold a decent resale value if you buy good diapers!

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