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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thank you for your patience

I apologize for the lack of posts, as I updated on the Facebook page, due to a family emergency I had to stop posting for a short while.

I have 3 items/brands I'm testing for giveaways in the near future, none of which are diapers!  They are all baby/diaper/kid related though.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Little Owl Diapers Review and giveaway

I am very excited to bring this review and giveaway to you, sponsored by Little Owl Baby!  A year ago I became a tester for a local diaper company.  I heard about them from my local RDA leader, friends, and even my pediatrician!  Happy to help a local company, I offered to test them on my daughter.  My instruction was to make them fail and figure out what causes them to do so.  Easy, right?  Not so much! These diapers are excellent!

I was provided with two shells in size medium (red and pink), two soakers in size small, one soaker in size medium, and one booster to test

A prize of one shell and soaker are also being provided for the winner of the drawing, but all opinions are my own.  My daughter was a small 3 month old at the time, weighing only 11- 12 lbs at the time, she's now over a year and a bit over 18 lbs.

Two shells size medium, soakers snapped in, one soaker.

Size medium shell, medium soaker, 18 lb toddler

When they brought the diapers by my house, I was very surprised, and pleased!  The construction of the diapers is fantastic.  The shells are plu, with a soft fleece inner lining, no exposed plu!  The wings have three snaps, two outer and one extra to prevent wing droop in active babies and adjustable waist snaps for three size settings. The elastic is snug, but not too tight, creating a great fit.  The inside of the shell has three snaps, this holds your insert in place with no shifting!  These diapers are daddy and grandma friendly as well!  My mom loves how they fit and look!  They come in four great solid colors, turquoise, red, pink, and grey.  All of the fabrics are CPSIA compliant and U.S.A. made.

Sizing is super easy, smalls range 0-6 months and 7-16 lbs.  Medium 6-18 months and 13-26 lbs.  Larges range 18+ months and 24-34 lbs.

The soakers are amazing! They securely snap into the shell, one snap in the back, two in front. The soakers are backed with plu, which wraps around to prevent leaks, they have their own elastic, creating a gusset to keep poop in place (most of the time) and are sewn so the inner microfiber doesn't shift. They are topped with super soft fleece to protect baby's skin and wick away moisture.

For kids that need a little extra absorbency at nap time or bed time, the boosters are a great item.  They are 3 layers of microfiber, topped with super soft fleece, just like the soakers to create a dry layer against baby's skin.

I cannot say enough good things about these diapers!  They are easy to use, wash wonderfully, pack in the diaper bag well, and the fit is great!  We have been using the same shells and soakers for a year now.  The quality is fantastic!  I'll be sad when they no longer fit.

The diapers are so well constructed, that most people only need 2-3 shells for a full day's diapering.  Just rotate shells with each change, or snap in a new soaker in the place of the used one until you need to change shells.  It's that easy!  Unlike other AI2 diapers, the wrap around plu keeps you from touching the wet insert when unsnapping it!

Washing is super easy, here are the instructions from Little Owl Baby:

Before Wearing:

We recommend washing all soakers & boosters 1 time (1 wash/dry cycle) prior to first use, using a cloth diaper safe detergent.

Storing Dirty Diapers:
Unsnap the soaker from the shell
Remove any solids into the toilet
If your baby is breastfed, exclusively, there is no need to remove solids before placing in pail or wet bag
Place the soaker into a pail or wet bag, never soak the diapers
Shells can be stored & washed with soakers or with regular laundry
Wash every 2-3 days

Washing Instructions:
Rinse (pre-wash) with cold water, no detergent
Wash on hot/cold
It can be helpful to add a towel or two to the load
Run through an extra rinse cycle on warm
Tumble dry on low / medium or line-dry
Line-drying is recommended whenever possible. Exposing your diapers to sunlight will help sanitize, reduce odor and is a natural brightener

~ Please do not use any bleach, whiteners, fabric softeners or brighteners
~ Please do not use any rash cream on your baby when he/she is wearing the diaper


Most detergents will leave a residue on your diapers that will affect absorbency (causing leaking) and cause odors. Choose a cloth diaper friendly detergent.

Select a detergent that does not contain any of the following:
Perfumes /Fragrances
Fabric softeners
Stain guard ingredients
Natural oils

The following can void your warranty:
Chlorine bleach
Oxygen bleach
Pure soap
Sanitize / High heat cycles
High heat in the dryer

Little Owl Diapers just had a price change, shells are $15.95, soakers are $12.95, and boosters are $9.95 for two soakers.  They also offer free shipping on orders of $30 or more!

Now for the fun stuff!  Readers of MCM can receive a discount at Little Owl Baby on their order, for a limited time.  Use the code "Modern Cloth Momma" to receive $10 off your order of $50 or more!  Click here to order

For your chance to win a free shell and soaker in your choice of in stock color and size, fill out the Rafflecopter form below!  Don't forget to do your daily entries as well.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aplix diaper woes

Aplix diapers, oh how I hate you

I know, I know, there are die hard aplix diaper fans out there, but I'm not one of them.

With my first, I chose snaps.  I loved them and didn't look back.  With my second child, I decided on getting a subscription box for diapers, which was really fun.  The bad thing was I got several aplix diapers in it.  Two I have sold locally, but I'm still sitting on three of them.

What makes me sad is I really like the diapers!  They are Softbums, Rumparooz, and Happy Hiney.  I used them minimally, and one was used once.

Why am I not using them?  My daughter is a stinker.  She rips the diaper off and runs down the hall naked.  At one, she won't be potty training (potty learning) soon either

I loved my subscription box, but I'm bummed I couldn't use half of the diapers I got in it for very long.

Yes, I am trying to sell the locally, but there are only so many people that need aplix diapers in my area.  I'm trying to avoid the swap due to scammers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New product coming out!

I've recently learned that Diaper Dawgs is coming out with a new product!  The Spray Collar.  This makes spraying your diapers less of a mess!  Take a look at the new product here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What about the poop? Diaper Dawgs and Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes review and giveaway

It is my pleasure to bring this review to you!  A month ago, I was sent a set of Diaper Dawgs and Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes to test and review (avg. retail value 23.90).  No financial compensation was received for this review, all opinions and photos are my own. I really like these products, and I cannot imagine how I've been cloth diapering for three years without them!

Diaper Dawgs are two, patent pending dog shaped silicone barriers to make your cloth diapering life easier.  They slip over your fingers to protect your hands from the inevitable mess.  Just slip them on and hold your diaper to spray off.  You can remove inserts from pocket diapers, unsnap all in two diapers, even wring out a diaper after rinsing or dunking!

Diaper Dawgs are super simple to use, just slip them on (like a puppet), pull apart your diaper, rinse, dunk, or scrape off the poop without the worry of getting poop under your fingernails!  After, you can clean them with antibacterial soap when washing your hands and set them aside for the next use.  You can also use a microwave steam sterilizing bag to disinfect them, but make sure it's not the one you clean your bottles or pump parts with. They come in two great color sets, pink/purple or green/blue. The inside of the Dawg's mouth is ribbed to make it easy to hold onto the diaper without slipping.

These are excellent if you use a camp washer to wash your diapers too!  Just after we received them, our hot water heater broke.  We used a camp washer to wash our diapers, and Diaper Dawgs to wring them out (I forgot to take pictures!)

They are grandma and husband friendly too!  My husband, who hates pocket diapers, says these make using pocket diapers tolerable since you don't have to touch the wet insert!

Honestly, having these makes me happy to take our cloth diapers on vacation now. At other houses we have to dunk and swish diapers, this will make that task much more pleasant!

The clean Dawgs also make great bath time toys for toddlers.  I've had to hide mine from my son so I know where they are when it's time to use them!

The other item I received was the Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes.  Just the name made me giggle!  These wipes are different than any others I've ever seen, they have a pocket!

The Heavy Dooty cloth wipes are single ply, bamboo terry cloth, 70% viscose bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 2% polyester with 100% polyester thread, made in the USA by local (to Diaper Dawgs) area mothers.  They are far superior to any cloth wipe I own.

As with all cloth items, you need to wash them once before using.  They come out of the dryer super soft!

As you can see in the picture, the pocket on the wipe is large enough to cover your entire hand, making those poopy messes much easier to clean!  Just wet with water or your wipe solution, squeeze out the excess liquid, slip your hand in the pocket, wipe away the mess!

My kids were recently sick, and these wipes were a lifesaver.  Super soft for the multiple changes, and I only needed one per change, where if I used my other wipes I would have been using 2-3 wipes.  They wash well, and I can honestly say, I will recommend both the Heavy Dooty cloth wipes and Diaper Dawgs to every cloth diapering family.

I'm pleased to say one reader of ModernCloth Momma will win one set of Diaper Dawgs and Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes! ( in stock color).

Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below, and good luck!

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