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Friday, May 31, 2013

Eight weeks, new diapers, new challenges

As I sit here with a sleeping infant on my lap, I reflect on the challenges I've had in the last eight weeks.

My first, and biggest challenge was my daughter's tiny legs!  As much as I absolutely LOVE my Best Bottom Diapers, they were too big around her legs.  I was so disappointed. One of my least favorite diapers saved me.  R came home in a Light it Up Blue Fuzzibunz diaper.  It was bulky, but worked.  

My next problem was the rest of my stash was Best Bottom diapers!  I posted on my local mom group as soon as I got home and the cloth diapering community came to my rescue.  

My friend loaned me her newborn size g-diapers.  They fit like a dream, but I failed to get a picture!  These plus some diapers I purchased used from a local mom got us through until my stash fit in another week.  

Let me tell you about the diapers I used in several posts over the next few days, but I'll start tonight with g-diapers.

These were odd to me since the Velcro/aplix is on the back of the diaper.  The newborn size, unlike the bigger ones, is the pocket with the tabs to fasten.  You place the g-cloth, or prefold (one cut in half fits well) inside the pocket and fasten around your baby.  Being tiny, they don't hold much liquid, but changing often is the name of the game at this point!

They weren't bulky on her tiny bottom, and best of all, they weren't disposables!  If there isn't a poop blowout, you can replace the cloth inside and reuse the cover,  this is easier on the pocketbook!  

The print on them was cute, and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked them as much as I did.  If you are in the market for newborn diapers, these definitely are a diaper I would look into.

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