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Monday, April 15, 2013

Newborn fluff!

I welcomed my daughter into this world 10 days ago!  This is a short post with more information to be added in the next weeks.

My daughter was much smaller than we expected and my fluff didn't fit!  Talk about panic time.  Even the disposable diapers we used in the hospital needed folded down because they were so big on her.  I didn't buy any newborn sized cloth diapers because we never needed them last time around.  After some minor panic, we learned that Fuzzibunz one size pockets fit her.  Only problem is they look bulky and we only own 4!!!

So I took my plea to my local cloth mommas.  One had several brands of diapers she used with her twins for sale.  Better yet, she wanted them gone, so I got a great deal on them.  Being used diapers, this meant I needed to strip them and they aren't in the best of shape, but who cares, they aren't disposables!

Another mom offered to loan me her x-small and small gdiapers.  I admit, these are strange to use.  The Velcro goes at the back of the diaper, so it takes some practice, but these fit her tiny tush without any problems.

In the following days/weeks I will be posting about the diapers I was able to use on my little girl, and hopefully I will remember to take photos of all the different diapers I've had a chance to use.

As always, questions are welcome!

Also, the Great Cloth Diaper Change is this coming Saturday!  If you haven't signed up to participate,  find a local event and sign up!  It's a great place to make cloth diapering friends, learn about new products, and even win things!

The best part is it's a Guinness event.  When the count is confirmed, you can order your own Guinness Book of World Records certificate with your child's name on it showing they were part of a world record breaking event!  The official change will happen at 11:00 local time, so unlike other years, no need to be up and ready at odd hours to participate.

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