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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aplix diaper woes

Aplix diapers, oh how I hate you

I know, I know, there are die hard aplix diaper fans out there, but I'm not one of them.

With my first, I chose snaps.  I loved them and didn't look back.  With my second child, I decided on getting a subscription box for diapers, which was really fun.  The bad thing was I got several aplix diapers in it.  Two I have sold locally, but I'm still sitting on three of them.

What makes me sad is I really like the diapers!  They are Softbums, Rumparooz, and Happy Hiney.  I used them minimally, and one was used once.

Why am I not using them?  My daughter is a stinker.  She rips the diaper off and runs down the hall naked.  At one, she won't be potty training (potty learning) soon either

I loved my subscription box, but I'm bummed I couldn't use half of the diapers I got in it for very long.

Yes, I am trying to sell the locally, but there are only so many people that need aplix diapers in my area.  I'm trying to avoid the swap due to scammers.

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