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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What about the poop? Diaper Dawgs and Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes review and giveaway

It is my pleasure to bring this review to you!  A month ago, I was sent a set of Diaper Dawgs and Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes to test and review (avg. retail value 23.90).  No financial compensation was received for this review, all opinions and photos are my own. I really like these products, and I cannot imagine how I've been cloth diapering for three years without them!

Diaper Dawgs are two, patent pending dog shaped silicone barriers to make your cloth diapering life easier.  They slip over your fingers to protect your hands from the inevitable mess.  Just slip them on and hold your diaper to spray off.  You can remove inserts from pocket diapers, unsnap all in two diapers, even wring out a diaper after rinsing or dunking!

Diaper Dawgs are super simple to use, just slip them on (like a puppet), pull apart your diaper, rinse, dunk, or scrape off the poop without the worry of getting poop under your fingernails!  After, you can clean them with antibacterial soap when washing your hands and set them aside for the next use.  You can also use a microwave steam sterilizing bag to disinfect them, but make sure it's not the one you clean your bottles or pump parts with. They come in two great color sets, pink/purple or green/blue. The inside of the Dawg's mouth is ribbed to make it easy to hold onto the diaper without slipping.

These are excellent if you use a camp washer to wash your diapers too!  Just after we received them, our hot water heater broke.  We used a camp washer to wash our diapers, and Diaper Dawgs to wring them out (I forgot to take pictures!)

They are grandma and husband friendly too!  My husband, who hates pocket diapers, says these make using pocket diapers tolerable since you don't have to touch the wet insert!

Honestly, having these makes me happy to take our cloth diapers on vacation now. At other houses we have to dunk and swish diapers, this will make that task much more pleasant!

The clean Dawgs also make great bath time toys for toddlers.  I've had to hide mine from my son so I know where they are when it's time to use them!

The other item I received was the Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes.  Just the name made me giggle!  These wipes are different than any others I've ever seen, they have a pocket!

The Heavy Dooty cloth wipes are single ply, bamboo terry cloth, 70% viscose bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 2% polyester with 100% polyester thread, made in the USA by local (to Diaper Dawgs) area mothers.  They are far superior to any cloth wipe I own.

As with all cloth items, you need to wash them once before using.  They come out of the dryer super soft!

As you can see in the picture, the pocket on the wipe is large enough to cover your entire hand, making those poopy messes much easier to clean!  Just wet with water or your wipe solution, squeeze out the excess liquid, slip your hand in the pocket, wipe away the mess!

My kids were recently sick, and these wipes were a lifesaver.  Super soft for the multiple changes, and I only needed one per change, where if I used my other wipes I would have been using 2-3 wipes.  They wash well, and I can honestly say, I will recommend both the Heavy Dooty cloth wipes and Diaper Dawgs to every cloth diapering family.

I'm pleased to say one reader of ModernCloth Momma will win one set of Diaper Dawgs and Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes! ( in stock color).

Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below, and good luck!

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  1. I would choose the pink/purple combo!

  2. Awesome! And really need some new wipes! :-)

  3. I would love the blue/green set!

  4. I would want the blue/green combo. I think it is pretty cute that they are named like actual dogs.

  5. Blue/Green combo. I love how the wipes have a pocket!

  6. I would choose the blue green combo

  7. Blue green combo just because hubby would be more likely to use them.

  8. i would choose Milo & Buddy the blue and green!!!

  9. Hard to choose! I like both but I think I'd go with blue and green.

  10. Of her the blue and green set. I know it doesn't really matter, but I think it's cute to get it all to match!

  11. My husband might just be willing to rinse out a poopy diaper with one of these.

  12. I won not only did everything come today but the wipes are fantastic! Thank you so much I really needed more wipes and I love them so much!