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Sunday, January 26, 2014

December Cotton Booty Box - post office delayed

December Cotton Booty Box

Well, as you may have seen, my December box was delayed.  The Post Office lost my first one!!

When the replacement box arrived, I was excited!  As soon as I got inside, I opened the package.  Inside I found a SoftBums Echo one size aplix diaper, an EZ Squieezees pouch, and a small Bumkins bib.
  I was very pleased to find a Soft Bums diaper inside!!  I’ve been wanting to try one of these diapers, so I was thrilled.  It is a one size shell, adjusted by elastic inside the diaper, and two snap in inserts.  The smaller for infants, and later as a doubler for the large insert.  The large insert snaps to three different sizes, and the doubler even snaps to it!

 Unlike most microfiber inserts, this one needs prepping.  This entails washing 5 times before using it for maximum absorbency.

Here is the opening inside the diaper shell to access the elastic to adjust the size, it's not big, but I had no trouble with it.  

 Diaper roughly adjusted for my 9 month old daughter.

 Here is the mini pod/doubler. 

Nice, large aplix tabs and easy to fold down for laundry.
They do leave a fluffy bum, but this diaper works great!  It is super absorbent, easy to put on, and washes up nicely.  If it is just a wet diaper, this system works like an all in 2.  As long as the fleece in the shell isn't wet, you can snap in another insert, also called a pod, and reuse the shell.  Always wash if there has been poop, even if you see no evidence on the shell itself.  

The great thing about this is you can have fewer shells, decreasing laundry bulk and diaper bag bulk.  Separate inserts wash up nicely, and dry much faster than AIO diapers.  It also saves money!  The diaper itself retails around $21.95 at most stores.  The extra pod sets retail between $4.95 - $15.95 depending on the pod size and material used.  You can choose from the dry touch mini pod, dry touch super pod, organic bamboo pods, or one size bamboo super pods.  

Next is one of our favorite items in this house, a food pouch!  These are great for snacks, small meals, or an easy way to take food on the go.  Most recently I filled it with yogurt and put it on ice for a trip to the park.  No spoons and less mess on the go!  Once you get home, just open up the seal, remove the cap, rinse and put in the dishwasher (top rack) for easy cleaning.  I use a bottle basket to contain the lid.  A great way to transport your homemade baby food for feeding outside the home too.

The last item is the Bumkins bib.  We own several in this house!  This one is much smaller than what my toddler and baby currently use, but is great for keeping in the diaper bag for meals out.  

Even late, I was very pleased with this box and cannot wait for the next one.  I know the January box will be shipping late, so stay tuned to see what it contains!

As always, if you want to order a box for yourself and this is your first order, please use my code (click here) to receive $5 off your first order.  This also helps bring giveaways to the blog!

Since my daughter is growing fast, I will stop receiving the Cotton Booty Boxes after April.  We have a lot of diapers already.  This is a great way to try out a lot of diapers though!  The savings from ordering a year long subscription was definitely worth it!

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