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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cotton Booty Box, Sweet Relief

Please excuse the busy mom from not getting this up sooner! 

The October Cotton Booty Box was named, Sweet Relief.  It really is too!  As always, I pay for this subscription, and all pictures and opinions are my own.

This box was perfect for my daughter, whom still hasn't managed to pop any teeth yet, even though she is crawling and pulling to stand!!

The Sweet Relief box was shipped late this month, due to the ABC Kid's Fair. 

Upon opening this box, I had some trepidation.  I knew the diaper was a premium brand, but I also knew it was aplix.  I usually purchase snap diapers only, so I was a little concerned I wouldn't like the diaper. 

Inside the box, I found a purple Rumparooz, one butter colored polished teething necklace, a sample tub of Cj's Butter, and single use OCuSOFT Baby eye wipes. 

Being laundry day, I quickly took pictures of the diaper and tossed it in the wash so I could try it out!  I haven't managed to get pictures in use as life was busy, but I do love it.  The diaper is easy to stuff, and using both inserts, was perfect for an afternoon at the zoo with a sleeping baby in a wrap I was testing.  She even slept all the way home after my first successful transfer to the car seat.  :)

The amber necklace went right on my daughter.  She has been having a time with her teeth, they try to come in then seem to change their mind.  With the addition of the second amber necklace, her pain level seems to have reduced and she is a much happier baby again, even if she doesn't sleep long!

The lovely scent of Cj's this time almost had me saving this one, but I cannot save it all!  I used it for the first time changing R for the zoo.  It isn't overpowering, but has a nice, not overpowering scent in Lavender and Tea Tree. 

I haven't had an opportunity to try the OCuSoft eye wipes, but I'm sure I will as soon as our first nasty cold comes along, until then, I'm saving them.

 Here are some pictures of the Rumparooz Diaper for those not familiar with the construction.  It is a Pocket diaper, with two sized inserts.  The larger of the two can snap down to accommodate different rise settings on the diaper, and even better, the small insert can snap onto the large insert as a doubler without worries it will shift! 

My favorite aspect of this diaper is the inner gussets.  My daughter is primarily breast fed, which makes for some interesting output when changing her diapers.  The gussets are designed to hold it all in so you don't have to worry about leaks.  When checking, you can usually safely put your finger under the edge of the leg and pull, without the worry of getting poop on your finger when checking, I make no promises when you're changing or spraying diapers!

In addition to all the lovely things I've received so far from Cotton Booty, they are doing a one-time, Limited Edition, non subscription box, "Kick The Habit Box" for $29.99

This box will help you and your child begin the next phase of cloth diapering.  It will contain 2 (two) different brands of cloth training pants and special extras to get you started, you even choose the size of the training pants.  It will ship Mid-December, and quantities are limited.  Click here to get the box. 
Don't forget to select Cotton Booty Box at checkout for free shipping!

Cotton Booty is also running a Holiday Sale right now!  They have past boxes and other goodies on sale.  If you want to know what was in a previous box, take a look at past posts on my blog, I have subscribed since the beginning!

As always, if you don't already subscribe to the Cotton Booty Boxes, you can get $5 off your first box by using my link, Cotton Booty Referral.  Using this link, and other affiliate links on the blog help me bring giveaways to you!

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