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Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Swift a Kick In The Booty, November Cotton Booty Box

Happy Thanksgiving!

This month's Cotton Booty box was themed A Swift Kick in the Booty.  As always, I pay for this box, all pictures and opinions are my own.

There were several items included, including one that smells fabulous!

This month's diaper was from Babykicks. It is a premium one size, pocket diaper unlike what I've seen before. It has the standard pocket opening, an insert, and waterproof cover, however there are differences!

The insert is an all natural cotton/hemp blend which needs washed at least 3 times before you use it. There is an extra, stay dry liner to lay over the top of the diaper, to keep baby feeling dry.  The leg openings are made from fleece to create better air flow, and the large aplix tabs can cross over for tiny babies.  The weight range on this diaper is 7-40 lbs, which is much higher than any other diaper I own. The bright red and white colors on my diaper are great for Christmas too!

Soft, fleece gussets for air circulation.

Hemp/cotton insert

Stay Dry liner
Diaper inside

Large laundry tabs

front pocket opening

Prep Instructions

The next item in the box was two reusable wipes, one velour and one flannel.  They are both 100% cotton and trimmed in a colorful! overlock stitch.

To go along with the wipes was a great smelling project, Baby Bits wipe bits and a spray bottle!  The wipe bits are all natural and hand made in Gainesville, Fla.  they are vegan, cruelty-free, and smell of lavender and tea tree. I haven't made mine yet because there is a contest as well!  The contest is for decorating the wipe bottle, then uploading a picture to Cotton Booty. 
The spray bottle is also BPA free.

There were two other samples in the box.

The first was Flushable liners made by Bumkins.  I have used these before. They are great if there is a poop when out and about, making it easy to plop the mess in a toilet so you can roll up your diaper and take the diaper home. I do say to use caution with the liners, in older septic systems and older pluming, they can clog the system.  We cannot use flushable wipes at my parent's house, we found out the hard way when they had to call RotoRooter.

The second was a trial size Eco Nuts.  This trial size, all natural laundry soap will last 10 loads.  Eco nuts are the berry of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree in Asia. They are safe and effective.  I use them on my daughter's baby clothes and any delicate laundry of my own.  Place the berries in the drawstring bag, pull the string tight, and toss in with your laundry, then wash as normal.  Remove the bag and hang to dry when your wash is finished.

I'm very pleased with the items in this month's box.  With the need to prep the diaper, obviously, I
couldn't get it ready in time for on the bum pictures.  

If you are interested in ordering your own Cotton Booty boxes, please use my link to get $5 off your first box by clicking here.  By doing so, you help me bring more giveaways to the blog.

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