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Thursday, October 10, 2013

September Cotton Booty, Good Night, Sleep Tight

Sorry I'm late in getting this written, but we were hit hard by a cold and 6 month shots.

I've stated this before, but I pay for the Cotton Booty Boxes.  I received no compensation for this review.

The September Cotton Booty Box was Good Night, Sleep Tight.  Retail value $24.99

In this box we had a Kawaii Heavy Wetter overnight diaper, Wash With Water Massage Cream, and an Angel Dear Swaddle Blanket!

It took me a bit to get the overnight "testing" of the diaper done and also get pictures.

As I've said before, most pocket diapers don't work with my children.  The combination of heavy wetting and "flooding" the diaper by holding their pee makes for a disaster if a diaper isn't up to snuff.

I was pleasantly surprised by this diaper.  Being part of the group of diapers deemed "China Cheapies" when I was researching, I didn't think I'd like it.

The PLU is nice and thick.  It has a great snap configuration and it is wide, making it super easy to stuff!  During the day, a single insert was more than enough to keep my daughter dry for the 2 hour stretch between changes that is my norm.  The insert agitates out in my HE washer, so no pulling out wet inserts.

Overnight I double stuffed with their extra long inserts.  I nurse on and off all night long.  I check every time she wakes, and change if she is dirty or wet, but changing wakes her up fully, so I try to keep changes to a minimum as long as she is dry, clean, and rash free.  This diaper kept her dry all night long, and wasn't even soaked in the morning!!  I can see us using this overnight diaper for quite some time.

I haven't tried the Wash With Water baby massage cream yet.  Since we've all been sick, I didn't think it would help much.  I will be trying out an evening massage in the hopes that it helps her sleep.  She still wakes up every 2 hours, and now with teething, she isn't a very happy little girl.

The Angel Dear swaddle blanket looks to be similar to ones I have, which are the best thing I own!  I swaddle for naps so she gets a decent block of sleep.  I'd do so at night, but since she rolls, it isn't safe.  I use the blankets for burp cloths, swaddle blankets, car seat blankets, toys, and any other use I can come up with.  They also make a great nursing cover if you choose to use it as such.

I am probably keeping this one as a present for a friend, so I won't be unrolling it and washing it.

I do admit I was hoping for a fitted diaper in this box, but I'm really happy with what I did get!

Now I'm waiting for the next box, Sweet Relief.  It has been announced that the new box will have an amber teething necklace!!  We already have one, so I'm thrilled to be getting a second one.  I'm not a doctor, and this is not medical advice, but I can tell you that I have experienced relief from my aching nursing neck wearing mine.  :)

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