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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taggies Baby Sleeper

Have you ever noticed how a baby will play with the tag on their toy or blanket?  Why not take advangtage of that tendancy and give them items with colorful tags sewn all over it?

A month ago I was provided with a Taggies Baby Sleeper to test and review.  While this sleeper was provided free for me to review, but all opinions, experiences, and photos are my own.

When I started using this sleeper, my daughter was 3 months old.  I was very excited to try a sleeper since all we used was a cradle.  

When the sleeper arrived, I decided to time how long it took me to put it together.  Starting with taking it out of the box, I had it put together in less than ten minutes.  It was very easy to do!

Still in the box.

All the pieces

All put together in less than 10 minutes!

The next thing I needed to do was wash the sleeper cover and insert.  We always wash new items in our house.  I followed the instructions to take the fabric off the metal frame, snapped the buckles, and washed on low in my he washer.  The pad needs to lay flat to dry, so I put it on my drying rack and tumble dried the sleeper on low.  The insert dried within a couple of hours in my laundry room, but would have dried faster in the sun.  

It washes wonderfully, and is very easy to put back together.  I highly recommend washing the whole thing just as you would your own bedding.  If your baby spits up a lot, I would keep up with washing it often.  
Mom, it isn't nap time yet!

Look mom, I can run the vibration unit for sister!

See?  You just push this button.

I continued swaddling for another week.  Swaddling makes it impossible to use the harness in the sleeper, so I started using it without the swaddle.  It took a little bit for me to learn how to clip in my daughter after she is asleep without waking her up, but it can be done!  

All swaddled and napping

Mom tried to wake me up with the flash!

Once she is sleeping, I lay her in the sleeper and pull up the strap.  I then push the clip in place pressing like I'm unlatching it.  This allows the clip to slide into place without making a snap sound.  The strap not only keeps her from trying to roll over in her sleep, but it also keeps her from sliding down in the sleeper.  

Even my husband is impressed with how well she sleeps in this.  I really like how I can have her right next to my bed without cosleeping.  The light green color with vines is good for both a boy or girl.  

This sleeper is easy to collapse to take up less space, and move!

Using my bathroom scale it weighs a mere 7 pounds.  It doesn't feel that heavy at all though!

The only statistic I don't have is how long the vibration unit goes on one battery.  I keep trying to test it and either my husband or two year old son find where I put it and turn it off.  I have gotten over 2 hours of running it with no decrease in function.

The Taggies baby sleeper has a retail price of $59.99, and needs one C size battery for the vibration unit.

Close up of the locking mechanism, push in and turn on both ends to collapse

Bottom attachment to frame

Vibration unit attached to the sleeper.

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