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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New adventures!

Soon I will be giving birth, a little over 9 weeks from now.  This means I will have two in cloth diapers!  Since my son is beginning to show interest in the potty, I ordered cloth trainers for him today.  I'm hoping this will help him know when he is wet so he will tell me.

What did I order you ask?  I ordered two of the Best Bottom training kits and one Flip training kit.  I'm not sure how they will work with him since he's skinny, so I didn't want to invest a bunch before I know what we like.  If one or both of these trainers don't work for my son, I'll be taking advantage of the Nicki's Diapers 15-day try, wash, love, return program.

I've also ordered a Snappi to use with some pre-loved prefolds for the new baby.  I don't need these to diaper her since we know and love our Best Bottom diapers, but I'm curious!

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