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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best Bottom Diaper Sizes, Diaper Sprayer, and more

 I promised a post tonight on the different diapers, my diaper sprayer and more.  For the most part, we use Best Bottom Diapers in this house.  They fit my son well, and we were able to use them from about 7lbs 12oz on up.  He is now around 25lbs now, and we are still using the same diapers, with different inserts.

You can see in this photo how trim the diapers fit!  We are able to use these same diapers (with overnight inserts), for overnight use.  They last 12+ hours without a problem. 

Caleb sporting a Cookies and Cream Best Bottom

 Here are the different sizes the Best Bottom Diapers snap to.  The waist snaps go out a bit bigger, than the Moolicious (cow print) diaper on the left.  The sizes are large to small from left to right.  I snapped them to the places my son wore them at each rise snap size.

Best Bottom Inserts come in three sizes.  Small to large in this image. 
inserts stacked

Inserts side by side
 This is how a medium set of inserts looks snapped for overnight use.  The overnight microfiber inserts snap to a stay dry or hemp/cotton blend regular insert. 
 These are two kinds of doublers.  The overnight doubler on the top vs the micro doubler on the bottom.  The micro doublers are great for long car rides or heavy wetters.  I use them in addition to a hemp insert since my son is a heavy wetter.

Now for the sprayer.  A diaper sprayer is essential if you formula feed, or once you start solids.  Wet diapers can just be tossed in the pail, but poopy diapers should be rinsed off.  You can do the old school dunk and flush, but a sprayer gets them much cleaner!!

I did not show dirty diapers in these photos beyond the pail, so don't worry!  The sprayer does have a much higher pressure than I show, but I didn't want to make a mess spraying with my iPhone in the way!

This is a Bidet Sprayer from Home Depot.  It ran about $40.  I find I like this one much better than the Bunginus sprayer we had before.  It attaches to the intake for the toilet, has an on and off lever, and hangs from the toilet. 

Sprayer running, low pressure

Full diaper pail, this is about 2 1/2 days worth of diapers for my son.

Now for the fake spray images.  I couldn't spray the diaper and take the picture, so you need to use some imagination.  I hold the soiled diaper partially in the toilet bowl, above the water and spray off poop.  Sometimes I hold just the insert, sometimes the whole diaper depending on how messy it is.  If I spray the whole diaper, I do this with the insert unsnapped, spray both sides and the shell, then they both get dropped in the pail.  

With a Fuzzibunz, the process is similar.  I usually spray off the majority of the poop if it doesn't roll off, then pull the inserts out, spray those, and then spray the stay dry material on the shell, they all get dropped in the pail after spraying.

Again, as always, feel free to message me here or email if you have questions!  

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