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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Modern cloth

 Modern Cloth Diapers Don't Need Pins

 When I got pregnant in 2010, I knew there would be a lot of decisions in front of me.  Breast or bottle, cosleep or room share, sleeping routines, introducing solids and the multitude of other decisions a mom makes on a daily basis.

One thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to use disposable diapers.  Reports of chemical burns frightened me.  I knew that my skin was already super sensitive, I didn't want to imagine what would happen if I used a chemical laden diaper on my child's bottom for years on end.  The other issue was the cost!  Keeping a baby in disposable diapers is expensive.  Just compare the cost here!

Much to my delight, I found cloth diapers weren't just flats and pins any more, and that I could diaper my child from birth to potty for under $500.  This is a huge savings!

Then, much to my dismay, I found that the world of modern cloth diapers is HUGE.  Snaps or aplix?  Fitted, AIO, AI2, flats and covers?  Covers and inserts or pockets? Hemp, microfiber, cotton, bamboo, minky, flats, or prefolds for stuffing? What about diaper creams? What else did I need?

Then the decision on laundry routine!  Store purchased detergent, or a special cloth detergent?  What is stripping and how do you do it? 

I spent a good portion of my pregnancy learning about different diaper companies, detergents, laundry routines, stripping routines, and most important, learning what diapers I wanted to use.  Like most moms, I wanted to get the most "bang for my buck" so I decided that a one size system would work best for me.  The downfall of these systems was my fear, a baby too small to use them right away.  I have since learned that you can get around this with covers and prefolds on a newborn, but there are now some great companies coming out with newborn diapers that fit really well!

Much to my delight, I learned that cloth diapered babies rarely have diaper rash.  Even better, because they can feel the wetness, many potty train much earlier and easier than their disposable diapered counterparts.  

When I tried to share my new found love of cloth diapers, many told me that I wouldn't last a month.  That the laundry, leaks, stains, and old school problems found in cloth diapering would make me quit early on, but this made me even more determined!  Now when people see the cute fluffy bum on my baby, the same people are impressed with modern cloth.  

Through this blog, and favorite blogs of mine, I hope to share my love of modern cloth with other people out there who are facing some of the same decisions that I've already gone through.

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